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....Take My Hand....

....AnD NeVeR LeT gO....

Im a junior at THS, GO WARRIORS, i play soccer, (but im not that good), my boyfriend is eric since 9-28-03 and my best friends are maggie griffen and hilary hutchins! the only other thing about me is im number two in my class
3-day weekends, aeropostale, aim, alabama, amusement parks, auburn, beach, beanies, being myself, being stupid, being tickled, bestfriends, birthdays, blonde moments, blow pops, blue eyes, bowling, boy meets world, bubbles, butterflies, cameras, cars, chad michael murray, chik-fil-a, chocolate, christmas, circles, clothes, coloring, comfy stuff, computers, cookies, crazyness, crushed ice, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, decorating, dinner dates, dogs, dreaming, driving, earrings, eating, eric, eyeliner, eyes, eyeshadow, fall, family, flowers, friends, fun, fun conversations, gettin a tan, getting mail, god, gum, hair, happiness, happy endings, hearts, high school football games, hoodies, hugs, inside jokes, internet, jewelry, kisses, kittens, laughing, letters, life, lip gloss, lips, livejournals, long talks, love, love notes, maggie, make-up, mall, markers, me, mexican food, mini coopers, money, movies, music, nail polish, necklaces, new years eve, nicknames, pep rallies, phone, phone calls, photography, picture frames, pictures, pillows, pink, pizza, pretty pens, puppies, purses, putt putt, radio, rain, rain drops, red, rock music, roller coasters, romance, saturdays, scrapbooking, sharpies, shoes, shopping, singing, singing in the shower, skirts, sleeping, smiling, snickers, soccer, spicy chicken, spring, starbucks, stickers, stuffed animals, sunny days, sunsets, sunshine, swimming, taking pictures, talking, tennessee, the incredibles, the notebook, tv, underwear, vacation, waffle house, walmart, water, waterparks, waterslides, wrestling