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so wow...havent updated in like FOREVER! school is kicking my… - ....Take My Hand.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 15th, 2005|07:25 pm]
[mood |confuseddont kno what to do]

so wow...havent updated in like FOREVER!
school is kicking my butt...well actually only AP History is kicking my butt...but whatever..i wish i hadnt had to have taken it because i knew i wouldnt do good in there but no one understands that it doesnt matter if i dont do good in there its what i learn that counts...not to say i dont wanna do good in there because i really do..its just so hard...ive found that im doing better than a lot of peole tho...but whatever

ive been really confused lately and i dont feel good...todays field trip sucked..soo boring and no one to talk to ...i hung out with the sophomores..lol how lame..j/k..the only thing i look forward to is spirit committee these days...school is so boring..and i absolutely HATE soccer...someone should have told me it was going to suck

so todays my lil brothers bday...big ol 8 year old..lol..gah time flies..

so football game tomorrow...i guess im excited..im not to impressed right now with the footbal team...we got big heads cuz we almost beat hoover and thinkin we were all tough which made us lose to spain park..but w/e im just ready for homecoming...

alrighty then...this post was pointless...i dont really kno why im posting cuz ill never have another chance to do it again until a long time from now..